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KalaAnantarupah Group Thiyagarajakumar 's 2012 Wishes you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Application-Entertainment /Artists -2012-Registration Open

Application-Entertainment /Artists -2012-Registration Open

KalaAnantarupah Media Labs-Stage Dreams Strives to offer the best entertaining Artist/Talent to it's clients.We actively search for new professional talent nationwide. We welcome any applications. No matter what form of talent you have, we are interested. 

Mail your / your group profile, photos,performance history, prices, references,video/audio footage,performance requirements, contact details to us. /

Our team will get in touch with you...

LAST DATE :- 31/12/2011 

Stage Dreams 
( No.1 Best Platform to Showcase your Talent )
Showcase Your Talent TO THE WORLD - Become a Star
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Our KalaAnantarupah Media Labs Director Thiyagarajakumar's mission to bridging the gap between talented people and production houses.There are lot of talents who don't try for a stage career due to the difficulty of approaching to the right source.Now you can showcase your talent and become a popular star.Get Public Endorsement directly and get noticed to hunderds of production houses. Stage Dreams is an effort from KalaAnantarupah Media Labs to provide you a career opportunity (part/full time) of your choice. Many of the peoples have talents but they are not able to pursue that career, due to the hardships, lack of funds,lack of contacts and fear of unknown. KalaAnantarupah Media Labs has contact with more production houses and research who are looking for talents.

We are looking for –

1. Solo & Group-Dancers ( Bharatanatyam – Kathak – Mohiniyattam – Kuchipudi – Odissi – Kathakali – Manipuri – ballet – Ballroom – Tap – Swing – Hip-hop- Salsa- belly- jazz – street jazz – tango – quickstep – mambo – jive – western – bollywood, folk, contemporary )

2.  Singers ( Western –Classical )
3. Models
4. Actor
5. Actresses
6. Mimicry Artist
7. Jugglers
8. Puppetry Artist
9. Cinematographers
10. Magicians
11. Stunt Artist
12. Script Writer
13. Directors
14. Anchors
15. Instruemental Players
16. Mime Artist
17. Theatre /Drama Artist & Troupe
18. Jugglers / Fire jugglers
19. Bands-Celebrity-Rock-Irish-Pop Idol Singers-One Man Band-Instrumental
20. Face Painters
21. Comedian
22. MC
23. DJ & Karaoke DJ
24, Models
25. Instrumental Players
26. Visual Artist
27. Art-Craft Specialist
28. Key-Note Speaker-Motivational Speaker
29. Musicians - Violinists,Pianists, Keyboard Players,Flutists, 
Saxophonists, beat boxes, Choirs, Tabla,Veena,Drums,Violin,............
30. Clowns
31. Balloon Modeler / Sculptor
32. Puppet Artist
33. Editing Specialist
34. Lighting Specialist
35. Photography Specialist
36. Lyrics Writer
37. Music Composer
38. Story Teller

Thanks in advance for your time and sharing.

KalaAnantarupah Media Labs

Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Chemistry workout aagala" -From KalaAnantarupah Media Labs

"Yen Endral Kadhal Enbaen" From KalaAnantarupah Media Labs

"Vanjam" From KalaAnantarupah Media Labs

"Unnodu Oru Naal" From KalaAnantarupah Media Labs

"Thamizhchelvi Maindhan" From KalaAnantarupah Media Labs

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Ohio State University(OSU) Alumni Meet -Dec 2011 -1st Time in Bangalore


Vanjam Film Success Moments


Vanjam Film Success Moments From KalaAnantarupah Media Labs

Leadership Stage Filmmaking-Story Behind Success
* Team work
* Believe in themselves
* Reality Dreams
* Everything is possible attitude
* Planning
* Young Minds can do anything and everything in this world
* They can sacrifice anything for their path of success.

Special Thanks to our Heroes:-
Ashik Ash
Vinod Rajendran
Ashish Nandakumar
Rahul Suresh 
Sunmusic VJ - Suresh (alias) Kanda 
Sunmusic vj J - Durai raj
Munnar Ramesh
Kallori Vino
Anadh Ellappan
Ananth Bc
Varun Shamrat
Sai Nath

Art Director Deva ( Worked in Vedi Movie )
Stunt -Fire Karthik
Location Manager:-Madan
Dance Master:- Ranjith 
Music Director :- Swaminathan 
Bakcgrd Score :- M.s.Jones 

Our Sister :- Pavithra 

Chennai Theatre Commerical Release-10/12/2011

It's just a 1st Step
With all your blessings and support, we will rock and change this world.

Thanks in advance for your time and support ( Your valuable comments /Sharing)


Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Ohio State University Alumni meet in Bangalore on Dec 11th 2011-1st Time in Bangalore

The Ohio State University Alumni meet in Bangalore on Dec 11th 2011

For the first time in Bangalore, We had an Ohio state univeristy alumni meet . Dec 11th 2011, Sunday Le MERIDIEN We were 10 folks present there.We had discussed about investment-Entrepreneurship-Funding for innovators-community college-education system change. It was great!

Here is a picture of the Attendees with the name in the order of appearance ( from Right to left)

Thiyagarajakumar,Director,KalaAnantarupah Group- Ph.D  Mime  and Theatre -QREM-Specialize in the Creation of Leadership Stage through arts training and management Program Concept

Rama Subramaniam,Chairman of the Board-Biopure Health care(P) Limited -Master degree in industrial Engineering

Vinod (Vinny) K.Gupta- Chairman,OBR Innovation & Commercialization Task Force,University System of Ohio

Anup Nair -Management Consulting-Accenture-Master in Management

Kanish Gupta,Director,Mercury Enterprises -Master in Management

Amitabh Satyam-Leader,Global Coc for Telecom Media and Entertainment-IBM India Private Limited-Master in Engineering and Management

Vamsi Varanasi-Project Manager-CEO Office,Acropetal Technologies Ltd-Master in Management

Ashwini Desai,Worked as Financial Head in MNC- Master in management.

Saurabh Kumar Johri, VP-Strategic Planning,Janalakshmi Financial Services Pvt.Ltd-Master in Management

Mrs.Saurabh Kumar Johri, Director, Designer unit-master in design


* If any of you have an innovative idea and looking for a project funding please contact us.Your dreams comes through with seed funding for innovators program.


Thanks for your time and support.

Please keep in touch with me -

Thiyagarajakumar BTech,MBA,MBL,SAP,PMP,PH.D

Friday, December 9, 2011

Opportunity to Working with KalaAnantarupah Media Labs Leadership Stage Film making -Power up with TEAMS Program.-

Opportunity to Working with KalaAnantarupah Media Labs
1. Interested in directing or co-producing a film, documentary, animation, new media or alternative project with our Leadership Stage Filmmaking -Power up with TEAMS Program.

2. If you are presently working as a actor,actress,production team member, writer, cinematographer,editor, musician,advertising,marketing or media professional and acknowledged to be amongst the best. 

Lead Artist-Character Artist-Child Artist-Comedian-Dancer-Anchor-Lead Artist-Model-RJ-Singer-Stuntman-Supporting Artist-Villain-VJ-Voice Over Artist-Crew-3D Animation-Action Director-Art Director-Assistant Action Director-Assistant Art Director -Assistant Director-Assistant Editor-Assistant Lighting Technician-Choreographer-Cinematographer-Color Correction-Dialogue Writer-Director-Director of Photography-Dubbing Artist-Editor Fiction Director-First Camera Assistant-Graphic Designer-Hair Stylist-Light-Man-Lighting Manager-Location Manager-Lyricist-Make-Up Artist-Music Director-Other Crew-Production Assistant-Production Coordinator-Production Manager-Screenplay Writer-Script Writer-Second Camera Assistant-Set Crew-Set Manager-Special Effects
-TechnicianVocalist--Fashion Designer-Journalist-Translator

Who We Are                                                                                                                                  KalaAnantarupah Media Labs –Production Department is the International producer and distributor of distinctive and audacious audiovisual content. Our mandate has been to engage Talents and the world audience  through the production of artistic and innovative media that reflects our country and world audience’s points of view.

We are looking to work with a wide range of creators -- filmmakers and other media artists -- in the production of KML Films, documentaries, animation and original interactive digital content for all platforms including theatre,tv,mobile and the Web.

The KML’s Leadership Stage Filmmaking -Power up with TEAMS Program is a unique creative laboratory, providing artists and storytellers with an opportunity to develop new forms of artistic, imaginative and socially relevant media.

As creative producers, we work closely with directors, artists and co-producers to build collaborative teams around projects and help shape conditions for success. 

Selection Process and Criteria
Some ideas for the projects we produce come to us as pitches.  Some are generated internally.  Others are borne out of extended conversations with like-minded creators. All are measured against our overall programming criteria, which includes:
• Talent and vision of the creator/director 
• Originality of concept and approach 
• Creative excellence 
• Great storytelling 
• Innovation in form 
• Clearly articulated sense of the intended audience 
• Social relevance and impact 
• Viability of project (in terms of access, timeframe and budget)

We produce projects from across the country: from a wide range of communities, on a wide range of topics and reflecting a diversity of voices.  

We want to tell stories that aren't being told elsewhere and from perspectives that are underrepresented in the media.  Ensuring our mix of projects reflects this balance means we consider some additional factors when deciding which projects to produce/coproduce:
• Genre balance (films,documentary, animation, new media) 
• Diversity of stories/topics (for example, even if all the stories were very original, it's unlikely we'd  produce six films on a given topic—say the environment-- at the same time) 
• Diversity of filmmakers 
• Aboriginal voices 
• Regional reflection 
• Gender ratio 
• Target audience 
• Formats (including multiplatform and educational) 
• Ratio of productions vs co-productions vs international co-productions 

As a niche producer focused on the high-end of the production spectrum, we are very selective about the projects we produce and coproduce. We complete between 60-70 productions a year: a mix of films, documentaries, animations and original digital projects.

Our resources are finite. Unfortunately we can't produce every good story, but we strive continually to nourish a creative climate that allows such work to flourish. 

Production/Co-Production Models 
There are three main models for working with us:
100% KML’s Leadership Stage Filmmaking-power up with Teams productions
These productions are financed entirely by the KML.  These projects are sometimes initiated internally.  Sometimes the idea is brought to us by a creator.  KML retains 100% of the copyright and also holds the distribution rights.

National KML’s Leadership Stage Filmmaking-power up with Teams co-productions

These productions are produced in partnership with independent production companies. KML’s Leadership Stage Filmmaking-power up with Teams  is involved as minority co-producer. KML distribution rights are subject to negotiation based on strategy/goals for the production.
International KML’s Leadership Stage Filmmaking-power up with Teams co-productions

Generally, these productions involve an independent production company, an international production company and KML’s Leadership Stage Filmmaking-power up with Teams (as a minority co-producer).   KML distribution rights are subject to negotiation based on strategy/goals for the production.   
Basic Co-Production Terms
• In general, the KML's financial contribution will not exceed 49% of the production budget.

• The private producer and KML producer share decision-making regarding key partners, artistic elements, stakeholders, financing and budget. 

• Both partners agree on the human and technical resources provided by the KML, as well as the marketing strategy. 

• Division of the copyright is established pro rata among the partners according to the contribution of each to the co-production, with KML retaining an undivided copyright interest in the production in the same proportion as KML's financial participation in the co-production. 

• Each partner recoups its investment according to the recoupment schedule,equally and pro portionally to their financial participation in the co-production, according priority to private investors. 

Eligibility and Deadlines
Anyone who is an Indian citizen,any language,any gender or landed immigrant is eligible to work with us.  Deadlines to register with us :- 23/12/2011   Proposals should be submitted by e-mail:-

What to Submit
For directors (100% Leadership Stage Filmmaking-power up with Teams productions)
• A brief summary (8-lines) outlining focus of the project; 
• A synopsis (two or three pages) detailing subject matter, approach and point of view.   
• Overview of intended audience 
• CV (including a list of previous projects) and samples of previous work 
• In the case of animation, an art portfolio including sketches of representative artwork 
• Key project details (duration, format, genre, etc.)                                                                 • Registration Fees

For Leadership Stage Filmmaking-power up with Teams co-producers (national and international)
• Basic information on the production company and brief CVs of the key partners already involved or envisaged 
• A brief summary (8-lines) outlining focus of the project; 
• A synopsis (two or three pages) detailing subject matter, approach and point of view.   
• In the case of animation, an art portfolio including sketches of representative artwork 
• List of previous films/work on similar subject matter (optional) 
• Overview of intended audience 
• A development budget indicating the main sources of financing either confirmed or planned; 
• An idea of the size of the production budget; 
• Agreements showing that the producer holds the copyrights needed to move into production; 
• Key project details (duration, format, genre, etc.) 
• Registration Fees

For Leadership Stage Filmmaking-Power up with Teams –Cast (national and international)
                                                                                                                                            • A brief summary (8-lines) outlining Focus.
• A writeup (two or three pages) detailing personal details, professional details, experience,list of previous projects handled   in detail with reference and photos                                                                                                    • Registration Fees

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BMC's photography workshop -10th-11th Dec 2011-Registration is on

Photography Workshop - [10th-11th Dec 2011] - Registration is On

A photography workshop for all those out there who think the best way to click a picture with your camera is the automatic mode. Come and learn the basics of photography so that your camera becomes a form of self expression. 

This is one of the many classes, workshops and photography trips which are to follow. We intend to keep it simple and concise, giving everyone enough time to understand the concepts.

T4, Galaxy Eternity Apartments, 13th Cross, 8th Main, Malleshwaram.
Bangalore, India

Day:1-  Saturday - 10th Dec 2011   02:30PM to 06:30PM

An overview of Digital SLRs
Explaining the various brands of cameras
Information about lenses
Focal lengths
Measuring and using light
Megapixels - explained
The manual ‘M’ mode
Shutter speed
Light meter
Freezing action /blurring
Depth of field
Rules of composition

Day:-2Sunday - 11th Dec 2011     06:45AM  to 11:00AM

Photography walk. 
Review the assignment
White balance
Other modes on the camera  Aperture priority and Shutter priority
Advanced focusing
HDR photography
Zoom bursts
Light Painting
Simple post processing
Filters  Polarizers and Graduated Neutral Density (GND)
Simple flash concepts
Doubts & QA Session

A DSLR or a Point and Shoot with a manual ‘M’ mode. If you have neither, but yet you are interested, do come anyway.
About Instructor:
Kshitij Garg:
 This photography workshop is an initiative of Kshitij Garg who learnt photography under the photography miester Helmuth Conz. His passion for capturing light took him forward in this field and today, having left his day job as a software engineer, he pursues photography full time. Kshitij has done many private portfolios and commercial product coverage. His passion however lies in nature photography and portraits. He has started a weekend photography workshop for people interested in photography. In these classes, the aim is to teach photography In a comprehensive manner such that students can grasp the nuances of photography easily. He is also in the process of writing a comprehensive handbook on photography to help his students further.

Participation Fees: Rs. 2500.00
Above fees does not include: Transportation, food. Please carry your own DSLR or Point and Shoot camera with a manual mode.

Read thru Cancellation Policy page, just in case you have to cancel participation.

For any clarification email us at team @ or call on 9902027262.

Bank Name        Axis Bank

Account Holder  Bangalore Mountaineering Club

Account Type     Saving

Bank Account Number   300010100030913

Branch   Marathahalli

IFSC      UTIB0000300

BMC Office Address   
No, 69, K. R. Garden, 3rd Main,
Bank colony, Murgeshpalya, 
Vimanapura Post, Bangalore - 560017

Airport Road -> ISRO office Signal - > Wing Tunnel Road -> Left turn from Airport compound wall -> Left turn to KR Garden 3rd Main -> Left hand side 3rd House.     See MAP for detailed route

Payment options:

- You can visit above address to swipe the credit / debit card or pay by cash.
- You could deposit cash/ cheque in our Bank Account (see details above).
- Transfer funds online to the above Bank details.
- To save the hassle of driving all the way for payment, we have enabled    
   facility of accepting credit card payment via phone. Call on 9902027262, Give 
   your Credit Card details and receive authorization code which can be used as 
   Transaction i.d. while registering for the event.

   In order to pay by phone, we need your confirmation email in following 
   format to

I <Name>, authorize Bangalore Mountaineering Club to charge Rs. <Amount> to my Credit card # <Last 4 Digits only> for <Event Name>.

Please transfer the Participation fees before you register.

 Attend- Enjoy-update your knowledge:)


Virtual Dance Orchestra


The Virtual Orchestra is a multi-modal system architecture based on complex 3D sound environment processing and acompact user interface. The system architecture supports high performance sound content for VR applications, and the user controls the performance with a magnetically tracked handheld device.

Leadership stage through arts-Dance-music 
Virtual dance-orchester with Marion Dill, Kazue Ikeda, Angelo Della Iacono, Sipho Manesh, Arthur Staedli

One of the most exciting and rich experiences in the real world is music and all that surrounds it. A music performance—be it a classical music concert performed by a symphonic orchestra or a rock concert—always conveys a range of experiences. Music stimulates multiple senses at once. We hear and feel the sound vibrations in our bodies, and watching the performance complements the experience. As a result, we end up jumping, dancing, or discreetly following the rhythm with our arms or feet.

The objective of our work is to give music amateurs the opportunity to conduct a group of musicians and produce a new kind of multimedia experience. To explore this idea, we developed a semi-immersive virtual reality (VR) system, based on a large projection screen,designed to create an entertaining multimedia experience for nonexpert users. We decided to implement a music performance simulator, a VR system where several virtual characters play different musical instruments and adapt their performance according to the user's instructions.

Although we pay special attention to the realism of the scenario's visual representation, animating the musicians, and the music they produce (3D sound rendering), the conducting interface doesn't try to accurately reproduce the complex interaction of conducting an orchestra. This is left as future work. We provide an interface that partially captures the expressivity of users' gestures without forcing them to perform a specific conducting pattern.

For Details/Show Booking (India )
KalaAnantarupah /

Bharatanatyam Performance

KalaAnantarupah Media Labs
Leadership Stage through arts-Dreams

Bharatanatyam Performance

For Show Booking/Details /

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"Chemistry Workout Aagala" Making Moments From KalaAnantarupah Media Labs

KalaAnantarupah Media Labs
 "Chemistry workout aagala" Making Moments

"3" Awards
* Best Female Lead Award
* Best Comedian Award
* Best Entertaining Film Award

Check Trailer :-


Bharatanatyam performance

KalaAnantarupah Media Labs - Leadership Stage Dreams 

Bharatanatyam performance 

For Show Booking / Details
KalaAnantarupah Media Labs

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We are proud to share you that:- Our KalaAnantarupah Media Labs & Group Director Mr.@Thiyagarajakumar -Invited as a Guest in The Bit film International Digital Film Festival -2011 Award Ceremony Function.

Inspired by Tagore, International writing competition

Inspired by Tagore, International writing competition

This year sampad is delighted to be celebrating the 150th anniversary of the birth of Rabindranath Tagore with Inspired by Tagore an international writing competition. Tagore was a hugely influential South Asian poet and many sampad projects have celebrated his legacy or been sparked by a line of his poetry.

Please complete all sections.  Only typed/word processed submissions are acceptable.  Use continuation sheets if necessary. 

Any writer from the age of 8 onwards, with an interest in South Asian Culture, can enter.

There are 2 categories: one for writers aged between 8 and 15, one for writers aged 16 and over.  Please state your age on your entry form. 

Entries can be poetry, short stories, reportage, and writers can submit up to 6 pieces of work, maximum length 400 words, using Tagore’s poetry and writing as a starting point.   

Each piece must be given a title and must be in English.

Entries must not have been published or broadcast previously, and must be the original work of the author. Please note entries cannot be returned under any circumstances

Best writer in 8 to 15 category will receive £200 and best writer in 16 and over category will receive £300. All winning writers will be published.

The closing date is 31 January 2012.  Send through email also.

or printed off and posted to 
sampad, c/o mac, Cannon Hill Park, Edgbaston,  Birmingham B12 9QH, UK

For Further Assistance(Entry Form and procedure) :- 

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1. Who can participate?
    Any writer from the age of 8 onwards from any country with an interest in   
   South Asian Culture.

2. What kind of entry can be sent in?
     Any kind of text like poetry, short stories or reportage. Please do not send in translations of Tagore’s work.

3. Is there any entrance fee for the competition?
      No, there is no entrance fee.

4. How many entries can be submitted?
     Every writer can submit up to 6 entries.

5.What is the maximum length for any entry?
    The maximum length is 400 words per piece of work.

6.What language should be used?
    Please write only in English. If there are any quotes in other languages, 
      please translate them.

7.Can I send published entries?
   It is not allowed to submit texts which have previously been published as a 
   commercial venture. If they have only been published in private blogs or   
   magazines, you can send them in.

8.Can entries contain any images?
   Please do not use any images or drawings as we may not be able to include 
    them in the publication.

9.Is it possible to submit more than one entry on one entry form?
   Yes, you can submit up to 6 entries on one entry form. Please make sure, that they all have different titles.

10.Do the entries have to deal with Tagore or can it be any type of creative writing? 
    All entries have to be inspired by Tagore’s work or by the person Tagore but 
    they do not have to be about him or his work.

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BookMyShow is exclusive ticketing partner for our KalaAnantarupah Media Labs Future Films Release / Screening :)


BookMyShow is exclusive ticketing partner for our KalaAnantarupah Media Labs Future Films Release / Screening :)

Our Dec 2011 Future Film Release/ Screening :- 

1. Thamizhchelvi Maindhan
Check Trailer :-

2. Chemistry Workout Agala
Check Trailer :-

3. Unnodu Oru Naal
Check Trailer :-

4. Yen Endral Kadhal Enben
Check Trailer :-

Check Trailer :-

6. Vanjam
Check Trailer :-

Lots More MAD Films also....................

Our First Weekend Entertainment Chennai Event on 10th Dec 2011

To know more about our Event Please check:-

1st Time in Indian Film History -Buy Future movie tickets in advance through application.


‎KalaAnantarupah Media Labs Vanjam -Releasing on Dec 10th Written & Directed by Ashik ash Venue:- Mutthamil Mandram,T.N.Rajaratinam Arangam, R.A.Puram,Chennai-28,Tamilnadu,India.


‎KalaAnantarupah Media Labs Thamilzhchelvi Maindan Written & Direction :- Dwarakhanath Perumal Coming soon to a theatre near you


Our KalaAnantarupah Media Labs Director Thiyagarajakumar's Interview -About Short > Future Films Journey-Production-Direction-Marketing-Distribution-Plans and Future on

"Thamizhchelvi Maindhan" Making Moments From KalaAnantarupah Media labs